How to Set Up Your Own 401k guide

Set Up Your Own 401k - and Save a Lot of Money


The guide contains detailed information about three BENNA 401K℠ models that will enable small employers to set up a plan that has the attributes of a traditional 401k without the cost or complexity of such plans.

Each BENNA 401K℠ model has somewhat different benefits which are explained in the guide including the reasons why a specific model may be the best option for your small business. The guide was written by Ted Benna, commonly referred to as the “father of 401k”. It also includes detailed instructions and forms for your usage to set up a plan for your business.

$18.99 How to Set Up Your Own 401k guide

Setting up your own BENNA 401K℠ isn’t hard; however, consulting support is available if you need it.

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