401k Services

‘Plan Sponsors are required by ERISA to see that all fees, including those paid to financial advisors, are reasonable. Frequently the fees paid to financial advisors exceed the value of the services they provide to the Plan Sponsor and its participants because they are not fiduciaries. The Department of Labor has issued regulations requiring financial advisors to meet the same fiduciary standards as all your other services providers. Each Plan Sponsor is responsible to comply with these new regulations. Every Plan Sponsor should obtain an independent, unbiased confirmation that the advisor fees for its plan are competitive. If they aren’t, the Plan Sponsor should negotiate lower fees and /or seek a new financial advisor with or without professional assistance.’ — Ted Benna creator of the first 401k Savings Plan

401k Benna, LLC provides uncompromising, unbiased services for 401k plan sponsors and participants by offering these services:

Tier Services Performed Fee
1 Determine whether current advisor’s fees are reasonable $5,000
2 Determine whether all plan fees are reasonable $5,000 to $10,000
3 Provide resources to help you conduct an advisor search* $10,000 to $20,000